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Facts & Figures

Residential units

48 apartments

Living space

2-5 rooms
46-206 sqm

Residential quarter

52 underground car parking spaces
green-planted inner courtyard

Expected Completion





In MARINA BRICKS people, who value the unusual, find a new home. A wealth of imagination in the design stands as a synonym of individuality, quality and finesse.

You have just wandered into your dream apartment! And we mean that quite literally, because the variety of versions of floor plans, apartment sizes, light and space features makes almost every apartment in MARINA BRICKS unique.

Umgebung Marina Bricks, Regensburg | Instone Real Estate

In the vibrancy of life. In a prime location.

The MARINA BRICKS project in the MARINA residential quarter is located on a former port and industrial site with listed buildings of architectural interest. The striking asset of the MARINA residential quarter is its mix of residential, working, cultural and leisure facilities. Plenty of open spaces, greenery and bodies of water enhance the pleasant ambience. In addition, there are nearby shopping facilities, doctor's surgeries and chemist's shops. The new district is also ideally located for local traffic, and has good connections to the centre and the motorway.

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Overview of the surroundings

MARINA BRICKS – Wohnen in Regensburg [Instone Real Estate]

This is the MARINA BRICKS quarter

Within the MARINA residential quarter as a whole, the most diverse types of accommodation are being constructed. From the town house through upper floor apartments up to exclusive penthouses and multiple space concepts for offices. In the north, a hotel completes the development of the district. The innovative concept guarantees the quality of life in a lively urban district, which responds to the mobility and other needs of city people.


Your residential options

The diverse floor plans and apartment sizes make the comfortable, high quality apartments attractive to singles, couples and families. MARINA BRICKS combines history and modern district development and makes it possible to reside and live with style in a modern, city environment close to the Danube.


Use the MARINA BRICKS Style Guides to help you select your prospective surroundings. Take your time to gain a general view of the various possibilities for the design of your interior.



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