Whether you are an owner-occupier, private (buy-to-let) or institutional investor – Instone Real Estate is your partner.

Investing in real estate may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is your future. Your future, and the future of those who will live with you. We create the ideal conditions to give you the benifit of a profitable investment. We have excellent relationships to financial service providers. We offer secure long-term returns and appreciation. Instone Real Estate stands for a safe investment.

The location is key

Whether your investment is a success depends on the property’s location. However, there is intense competition for attractive locations. A real estate developer only gains access to such attractive through its good relationships and extensive network. We have consistently earned the trust of private and public land plot owners over years – which now contributes to our success.

Why do our partners entrust us with the most attractive land plots? Because our projects raise the value of urban quarters and drive urban development. Given our expertise and strong regional network, private land owners and public-sector representatives can always be certain that our development projects will be realized in the most effient way and without complications.

Futureproof architecture

A smart real estate developer always thinks of tomorrow. If he is far-sighted, he even thinks about the day after tomorrow. While we cannot be sure of the architectural requirements of the future, we believe that modern usage concepts guaranteeing energy efficiency, and a focus on high quality, create a solid foundation.

Flexibility is key to futureproof architecture. Instone Real Estate gives you such flexibility, also when it comes to costs. Instone Real Estate always takes an integrated approach and considers the entire lifecycle and associated operating costs of a project.

Service for investors

We will be happy to present you with our investment opportunities which are based on market and location analyses.

Do you already have a real estate portfolio? We will analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and help you to prepare attractive optimization concepts.

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In case of queries about individual projects, you will find details of the direct contact person on the respective project page.