Sustainability at Instone

It is our self-image to take a leading role in the development of an ecologically sustainable economy with social responsibility and good corporate governance.


Sustainability vision

We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility: the environment, society and economy are the foundation of our business activities. 

They all carry equal weight and are taken into account in everything we do.

As a company, we aim to achieve lasting business success while at the same time taking responsibility for people and the environment.

"We clearly assume a social responsibility with our projects and our general entrepreneurial activities.

For the future, we have set ourselves a significant reduction in CO2 emissions as a key strategic goal in the area of sustainability. In the future, we want to successively analyze our ecological footprint, already starting from a good base, and improve it even further. ESG goals are part of the remuneration of the Executive Board "

Dr. Foruhar Madjlessi, CFO


Guiding principles for our business policies and activities


Instone Real Estate is committed to fulfilling its environmental, social and economic responsibility. This commitment forms the foundation of our business activities.



Our customers are our main focus. We deliver them sustainable products and reliable quality.


Environmental and climate protection and resource usage are factors evaluated and taken into account in all project developments and carefully considered in relation to climate action goals.


Instone Real Estate strives to grow based on a strategy oriented towards long-term business success.


Our employees are our Company’s main asset. The cornerstones of Instone’s corporate culture are trust and respect as well as working together to achieve the goals we have set.


Our aspiration is to develop projects precisely tailored to meet the needs of our customers with environmentally, socially and economically sustainable qualities.


We generate ideas and leading-edge processes to benefit sustainable corporate development through our collaboration with associations, start-ups, organisations, municipalities and other groups in society.

Contractual partners

Instone Real Estate maintains long- standing, collaborative partnerships with its contractual partners based on a common set of values.


Instone Real Estate maintains a continual dialogue with external stakeholders and employees, and regularly communicates its goals, achievements and activities in a transparent and truthful manner.

Sustainability management

Image: Sustainability management at INSTONE

The Management Board member responsible for sustainability is our CFO, Dr Foruhar Madjlessi. 

In the Sustainability Steering Committee, the board of directors and a representative of the management as well as the sustainability officer and two representatives of the coordinating sustainability team come together to bundle, discuss and initiate measures on all relevant strategic and operational issues. The sustainability officer coordinates the issues relating to the areas E, S and G internally with the specialist teams and externally the inquiries about sustainability.


Climate action and environmental protection are among the main challenges of the 21st century facing society and businesses.


Housing and functioning infrastructure are some of the most basic human needs. However, a material percentage of CO2 emissions stem from housing stock.
Instone Real Estate’s business activities are therefore associated with a material impact on the environment, both direct and indirect.

In future we will successively analyse and improve our environmental footprint. In terms of our own business activities, this includes issues such as the vehicle fleet, paper consumption and the energy usage of buildings used by Instone itself. 

Our next steps for 2021/2022

Expand reporting standards in the area of ​​ESG:

  • Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI)

  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

  • Green Gas House Protocl (GHG Protocol)

  • UN Sustainbility Development Goals

  • In the next annual report, we aim to provide "limited assurance" for the sustainability report


  • Introduction of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA): Future projects are automatically included in the LCA process

  • Determination of the CO2 footprint and commitment to reduction targets based on SBTI, TFCD and GHG Protocol

  • Consolidation of the existing documented data on waste management and disposal of hazardous waste, taking into account aspects such as hazard, recycling, use of recyclable materials, reduction of solid waste. In future, data will be reported in consolidated form. In addition, generation of measures for avoidance.

  • Consolidation of data on usage


  • Expansion of the KPIs

  • Expand the social impact in our neighborhoods

  • Expansion of network to local partners for social impact


  • Publication of the materiality matrix with the main topics

  • Signing and report UN Global Compact (in 2022)



Social responsibility

Instone Real Estate views itself as part of society and would like to make an active contribution to the positive development of society as a whole.

Responsibility is firmly rooted in our corporate culture and therefore in the day-to-day actions of the Group. Instone Real Estate is aware of its impact on society and the environment and wants to contribute to positive development with its projects.

Instone Real Estate is aware of the impact it has on society and the environment, and aims to make a positive difference with its projects. This includes engaging via the media, services and the knowledge of our employees and financially where help and support is required outside the Company, for  instance for the creation of a lively residential district..

As a good corporate citizen, Instone Real Estate also takes action especially in locations where the Company has projects. Organisations and initiatives that promote the neighbourhood, the development of social service facilities in an urban district or make infrastructure improvements are our preferred efforts to support.

Corporate Social Engagement



As one of Germany’s leading real estate developers, we are confident that we will be able to successfully pursue our business model in future only if we act responsibly for the long term. 


In the 2020 reporting period, we further deliberated on defining specific activities and topics relating to our understanding of our social engagement and will continue to do so in 2021. 

Against this backdrop we would like to provide a glimpse of the responsibility we have taken for social projects in addition to our involvement in projects and neighbourhoods and the associated infrastructure such as daycare centres and school places.


The Instone Whistleblower System

Our whistleblower system offers the possibility to report potential violations of rules or laws by our employees.

We check every report and follow it up consistently. In doing so, we pay attention to the following principles:

  • A fair procedure,
  • protection of the anonymity of our whistleblowers,
  • confidential investigations, and
  • efficient and protected processes.

There are several ways to report potential misconduct which adhere to the above principles. As a whistleblower, please make sure that people outside your field of expertise can also understand your descriptions.

Reporting by e-mail

Under the e-mail address you can report tips, also anonymously, about potential misconduct directly to our compliance management, which is responsible for investigating and sanctioning misconduct in our company.

 whistleblowerinstone "«@&.de

Whistleblower hotline

You also have the option to report any misconduct by our employees to an independent law firm engaged by Instone for that purpose via a whistleblower hotline.

You can contact the lawyer Kümmerlein, Simon & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB during business hours from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Confidential treatment of your information and your identity is guaranteed.

  0201/1756 893

Finally, you have the option of reporting any misconduct by our employees via an online whistleblower system.

This protected whistleblower system is operated by an independent service provider. Also, reports and documents can be submitted anonymously there.


Number of notices in the current financial year:

In 2020 and 2021, there have been no reports through the various channels of our whistleblowing system.

Human rights

Respecting human rights is an integral part of our responsible corporate governance efforts.

We require respect for all human rights along our entire value chain from our own Company as well as from our business partners. We expect that all participants will meet their duty of care with regard to human rights.

The core values of lawful and ethical behavior are summarized in a group-wide Code of Conduct . His specifies existing duties and responsibilities and derives various codes of conduct on the basis of the law or existing official instructions. 

The code of conduct offers employees, service providers and contractual partners of Instone Real Estate orientation and assistance in their day-to-day work and interactions. It also sets out values to which Instone Real Estate is expressly committed.

Although our Code of Conduct covers many different topics, it is possible that laws could be violated or duties could be breached. Our employees can report violations or suspected violations of the law, statute or Company guidelines and rules to their supervisors, the Compliance Officer, a whistle blower hotline or an online whistle blower portal 


Charta der Vielfalt

In order to show and underline our basic values ​​on the subject of human rights, diversity and equality - i.e. diversity, we signed the Diversity Charter in 2021 and support the values ​​that are shaped here both internally and externally. We continuously review our processes and enter into internal and external dialogues. This also means that, among other things, we are reaffirming our commitment to a balanced gender pay ratio.

Cooperation Partners

We are aware that there are sustainability risks throughout our entire supply chain.

Our aim is to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain, increase transparency and therefore further minimise procurement risks.

Image: Supply Chain at INSTONE

Our suppliers can be subdivided into various categories: 

  • Brokers who have access to our customers  
  • Consultants who provide due diligence assistance during the purchase and sales processes
  • General contractors, construction companies and contract partners for individual trades operating at construction sites
  • Property management service providers
  • Planning teams comprising architects and design engineers.

Cooperation Partners - Auditors

Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Munich (Düsseldorf office) has been the group auditor for Instone Real Estate Group SE since the 2018 financial year. Since 2020, the responsible auditor is Prof. Dr. Holger Reichmann. Deloitte has also been appointed as auditors for the 2021 financial year. Deloitte's activity as auditor ends at the latest in the 2027 financial year.

Memberships of INSTONE

"Our corporate values of trust, responsibility, profitability, foresight and togetherness in connection with our guidelines of quality awareness, partnership, passion, efficiency and vitality are the pillars of our success."

Kruno Crepulja, CEO

Our partners and employees can rely on Instones guidlines:

As a successful and listed company, we are responsible for complying with laws, legal systems, and social and political framework regulations. It is an important asset for us to protect and preserve our reputation. Every employee and partner must therefore be able to do the right thing and act in accordance with the law.

In addition to the guidelines shown below, there are further company guidelines and work instructions for concretisation.

Get to know our company policies:

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Do you have questions about sustainability? Then we look forward to your message.

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