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Dear prospective buyer, we’re glad that you’re interested in our Bonn project west.side. No condominiums are currently planned. The construction phases that are already in development and under construction are freely financed and subsidized rental apartments that have already been sold to institutional owners.


Facts & Figures

Residential units

Approx. 515 rental apartments
Additional subsidized housing units




Siemensstraße 21, 53121 Bonn
North Rhine Westphalia


Pure diversity, exciting ideas and a thoughtfully designed concept transform about 60,000 m² of land into a lively, modern urban district, with a lot to offer.

west.side: living and working with plenty of space for ideas

You want to rent commercial and business premises or flats? You want to purchase attractive flats and apartments in a fantastic location?

Or are you seeking a modern site with perfect surroundings and an intelligent infrastructure for your company?

Whatever you are seeking, west.side gives you the ideal framework and offers plenty of space for your ideas.

The new urban district of west.side is emerging here

Questions about west.side?

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