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Building 11 in Schumanns Höhe in Bonn-Endenich

Haus 11 der Schumanns Höhe | Instone Real Estate

Why invest in Schumanns Höhe?

Accommodation in small units in a location with a high demand for good living space – ideal for capital investors.

  • 2021 Completion
  • 49 one-room apartments
  • 6 two-room apartments
  • Spaces in underground car park available
  • Fitted kitchen with exceptional quality appliances

Living smarter - Your investment in House 11 on Schumanns Höhe.

Facts & figures about Bonn

As society changes, so do people's housing needs and this is also the case in Bonn. About one quarter of the entire housing stock in the federal city is 1-room to 2-room apartments. This is about 42,500 of the total of 172,000 apartments. Conversely, the actual requirement gives quite a different message. Approximately half (50.9%) of all Bonn households (170,000) are one-person households. Small residential units are therefore urgently needed to meet the need for accommodation. This is exactly where House 11 on Schumanns Höhe comes in.


There is a huge demand for small residential units in Bonn.


Bonn – what a city:


The regional statisticians at IT.NRW anticipate an influx into Bonn of some 10 per cent, or 30,000 new citizens by 2030. Currently Bonn has a population of just under 325,000 people (status 12/2018).

Historic & modern

Even though it is a long time since Bonn was the seat of the government of the Federal Republic, the past history of the town exerts a strong attraction. Here, historic atmosphere meets modern flair. 

Business location

With the DAX companies, such as Deutsche Post and Telekom based here, Bonn is a flourishing business location. In addition, the university attracts students to come and live in Bonn.

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