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29 to 150 sqm

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That is Schumanns Höhe.

New residences in the heart of Bonn-Endenich.

On the outside set in the atmospheric urban development area of Bonn-Endenich, inside fitted with ultra-modern standard. Space and peace for you, but right in the heart of a cultural hotspot. Excellent connections and yet surrounded by greenery. This and more awaits you in Schumanns Höhe.  


  • Integrated district development with residential units in a variety of sizes
  • Excellent location in the heart of Bonn Endenich
  • High-quality facilities for comfortable living
  • Open spaces laid out as parks, which enhance the pleasant ambience
  • Spaces in the underground car park with direct connection to the apartments

Schumanns Höhe, Luftbild, Bonn Endenich
Schumanns Höhe, Außenansicht, Bonn Endenich
Schumanns Höhe, Außenansicht, Bonn Endenich
Schumanns Höhe,Innenansicht, Bonn Endenich

The location and the concept of Schumanns Höhe create
lively diversity and a good quality of life.

Wonderful city.

Two attributes run like a common thread through Bonn's history: a cosmopolitan outlook and culture.

What a city: the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven looks back over more than 2,000 eventful years. In the Middle Ages the residence town of the Electorate of Cologne - today, a flourishing business location where DAX companies, the German post office and telecommunication companies, Deutsche Post and Telekom, have their head offices. In the intervening period the seat of government for the Federal Republic of Germany – today, the seat of the United Nations

Once you have lived in Bonn, you will not want to leave. Once you have followed Poppelsdorfer Allee with its sweet chestnut trees down to the Elector's castle, you have caught the unique ambiance of the city. And if you have heard of Bonn's contemporary art and culture scene, you will connect this with a particular district - Bonn-Endenich.

Historic, unrivalled, Endenich.

An urban district where history is alive.

Bonn-Endenich is a diamond. Even for Bonn its density of culture and history is unusual. And that's not all: it is also how this is dealt with. Building skilfully on the greatness of the past and transporting the historical spirit into the present-day - that is history as the Endenichers like it.

An example? Bonn-Endenich is a diamond. Even for Bonn its density of culture and history is unusual. Endenicher Castle: in 1200 A.D. it was built as the seat of the Knights of Endenich, today among other things it houses a senior citizen's social centre and the local library.

The Endenichers have granted a special honour to their most famous citizen: Robert Schumann has an extremely active "fan club", the Schumannhaus Association. In the Robert-Schumann-Haus in Sebastianstraße, where he lived, a museum, media and music blend together to form a vibrant whole.

The houses on Schumanns Höhe.

Impressive and unique.

When a new residential quarter is created in a popular urban district, great curiosity is often aroused.

What novelty will arise in the structure, which has developed organically? The answer: Schumanns Höhe is a thoughtfully designed and small-scale project. Here there are car-free paths, green spaces and playing areas for children. The new houses are on average two to three storeys high and blend harmoniously into the architecture of this district.

Lageplan Quartier Schumanns Höhe, Bonn Endenich

Find out about construction site 3: 
In the Schumanns Höhe project freehold apartments with a wide mix of use are being constructed. Along Sebastianstraße two lines of multi-storey buildings are emerging with façades designed to accord with the aesthetic appearance of the street. In the direction of Alfred-Bucherer-Straße four three-storey tower blocks are being constructed.

“Schumanns Höhe is an exciting project, which makes the
existing architecture visible, enhances and completes it.”
– Harald Wennemar, architect

The Architecture.

Individual and full of character:

The architecture of Schumanns Höhe allows a way of living, as you have never experienced it before.

In the Schumanns Höhe project almost no house resembles another one. This was the aspiration from the architect's firm of Konrath und Wennemar. Instead, a smallscale composition will characterise the residential quarter. This is where you will find the apartment to suit your needs and wishes – your own haven within the overall coherence of the residential quarter. This can be a city apartment for single persons, an apartment with a view of the inner courtyard or a spacious family apartment with a balcony or garden. Or would you prefer
an attic apartment? Schumanns Höhe offers solutions for every situation in life. Whatever you decide: the apartments have a terrace, a balcony or a loggia and each apartment also has its own cellar. Four ground-floor apartments have a private garden and in the inner courtyard there are attractive green areas. Access to the apartments is predominantly stair-free.

The inner values.

Finding an apartment to modern standards and with historic charm in Bonn-Endenich is not so easy. However, when you move into one of the Schumanns Höhe apartments, you can start living straight away. There is no need to worry about fitting it out.

Everything has been taken care of from the outset.

Your personal customer portal.

Together with you we make Schumanns Höhe your home, because as a purchaser you are given access to the Instone Customer Portal, with the help of which you manage your new residence, important appointments and documents.

As well as current information this offers you a wealth of helpful functions. For example, find out everything about the current construction stage, manage your contract documents or use the online configurator to choose your appartment features.

The clearly structured and laid out platform is easy to use. You can quickly call up the information you require conveniently from home in a current online version. A great service: a memory function shows you your pending deadlines. This is possible, because the customer portal is customised to your needs and so you always keep your current deadlines in view.


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