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85 – 140 M²

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  • ceilings up to 2,60 m
  • cellar
  • underground parking
  • elevator

I’m at home here.

It’s no secret – the City of Hamburg has great plans for Altona

Hardly any other urban development concept has been tackled so comprehensively – both as a whole and in the detail – as AltOh!na – and with such well-thought-out results. It creates not only highly contemporary living space but also forms the basis of a vibrant quarter. Living, working and modern structures all within easy reach will ensure a very special quality of life here. Take a close look at our AltOh!na, and discover Hamburg’s newest jewel.


22765 Hamburg

Altona – like you’ve never seen it before.

Altona will soon take you by surprise. Up to now, the area to the northeast of the railway station has largely been put to practical use. The railway with its depots, barracks, hospitals and even a penitentiary were based here. Today, the Holsten Brewery is still in the immediate vicinity but it looks highly likely that this location will be given up in the interests of Altona’s redevelopment.

Our contribution to that redevelopment is located on one of the main intersections of the new urban district - directly beside a park and, indeed, right in the heart of Altona.

A completely new urban quarter is being created on a disused lot. Attractive architecture will combine to perfect effect with green spaces and a modern mobility concept. Allow us to introduce AltOh!na.

Forget the car for a change

  • Elbe River: a 15-minute walk
  • City Center: 15 minutes by bicycle
  • Long-distance train station/Altona S-Bahn; Holstenstrasse S-Bahn: all just a ten-minute walk away
  • New Harkortstrasse bus route: a two-minute walk

So the best place to be is in the city - in AltOh!na, for instance - a place with plenty of open spaces and plenty of new ideas.

Relaxed and in the heart of things.

Mobilize reserves - particularly with regard to quality of life. Rediscover the details of the city, ideally in your immediate neighborhood. Because you’ll find everything you need for daily life right on your doorstep. There are schools and kindergartens nearby as well: there is a child day care center, for instance, right inside the park, housed in a historical building. Explore the local stores and markets, and enjoy the pleasure of being able to have a leisurely breakfast.

The temptations are huge. Because it’s just a few minutes’ walk to the banks of the Elbe. How about a sunny afternoon at the popular “Strandperle” beach restaurant? Or perhaps a lengthy cycling tour along the Elbe? But you’ll probably be just as happy staying at home because with the wealth of choices you have in AltOh!na, it’s pretty hard to make up your mind.

Find your own center.

Enjoy a new way of living. The opportunity to create a new treasure for Hamburg - for contemporary urban living, for multi-generational interaction, for persuasive mobility concepts. In short: a wholly successfully new residential quarter. Our AltOh!na ensemble is a fresh breeze in Hamburg, because it’s entirely oriented to your wishes.

What makes AltOh!na so fascinating? Maybe it’s the extraordinary, the diversity, and the mix of living styles that are a tradition here.

Lots of things are simpler here. Work and leisure in harmony, the necessary and the superfluous rebalanced. All you have to do is inject your style into the living worlds recommended by our experts. If your aim is balanced quality of life, your path will take you to AltOh!na.

Live just the way you want to at last.

No matter what your plans are, you can look forward to urban diversity. Naturally, Hamburg offers you the entire spectrum of a world metropolis. But right on your AltOh!na doorstep, you’ll find your very own district, with an incredibly laid-back feel. This is where you decide the shape of your day. Even if it takes you to the office, the day still gets off to a more beautiful start than anywhere else.

Quality of life is completely at home in AltOh!na. It is rare for one place to offer so many different ways of enjoying urban life. Green spaces, shopping, restaurants and cultural amenities all abound in this microcosm. And what’s particularly pleasant, is how they all coexist happily with each other.

Because the creation of a new quarter will interest many people who want to fulfill their wish for greenery, a home, living and working, pleasure and relaxation in a single place.

Welcome! You’ve reached your destination.

Simplify your life.

No matter whether you are just beginning your career in Hamburg, have a family, or are already enjoying retirement - with just one easy step you can rebalance work and leisure, the necessary and the useful.

Short distances create more time for what really matters to you. Concentrate on what’s important and gain quality of life! In short: there are endless reasons for choosing a modern town apartment in AltOh!na.

Live just the way you want to at last.

Floor plans

Examples of different apartment types

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Invest some time in your lifestyle.

In AltOh!na you can design your very own comfort zone.

Instone Real Estate not only combines modern technology with practical floor plans, but also offers you a choice of three tasteful fit-outs. Our interior designers have dreamed up lines that each bring shapes, colors and functionalities into harmony in their own particular way.

However, since we assume that you prefer to choose your own style, you are also free to combine all the different suggestions as you wish. That’s not a choice you’ll come across every day! So we’re giving you the best alternatives for good style – you should expect no less. To put it plainly: Simply make your choice!

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