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Instone once again takes second place amongst German housing developers

The Project Developer Study for 2018 carried out by bulwiengesa looks at real estate project developments in Germany’s top cities

Essen, 18 April 2018: The Instone Real Estate Group N.V. has once again taken second place amongst German housing developers in bulwiengesa’s Project Developer Study for 2018. Instone again took fourth place in the overall ranking across all asset classes. With a total project development surface area of 478,890 square metres throughout Germany, the housing developer reduced its distance to third place year on year to only 2,100 square metres. The company has retained its leading position in Frankfurt am Main as the most active housing developer.

Its project portfolio currently comprises 48 projects with over 8,000 housing units, which are either in planning, being built or already have backing. It is estimated to have revenues resulting from this portfolio of around €3.4 billion. Kruno Crepulja, CEO of the Instone Real Estate Group, says: “We are proud to once again be one of the most important project developers in Germany, but will not be resting on our laurels, as demand for housing in Germany’s big cities remains high. In the medium term, we want to construct over 2,000 housing units each year, generating revenues of up to €1 billion. Our project pipeline is well filled and we have an excellent positioning in the market that will allow us to profit from the long-term trend towards growth in the German real estate market.”

As recently as in February of this year, Instone became the first German housing developer to be successfully listed on the stock exchange. The company was listed in order to finance further acquisitions and project developments. “We are very pleased with the way our company is developing. Our attractive project portfolio and the acquisition options that we have already identified will be an excellent basis for further, profitable growth,” Crepulja says.

The study, which bulwiengesa carries out each year, examines the total surface area of all finished projects, projects under construction and projects in planning in Germany’s A cities.

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