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Brand launch of Instone Real Estate: formart and GRK now operating under joint name 

Birth of Germany’s leading residential developer // Broad-based launch campaign // New website at // Emphasis on experience, trust and fairness

Essen/Leipzig, June 12, 2017: Today sees the launch of a new era in German residential construction: the erstwhile formart GmbH & Co. KG, as part of the Instone Real Estate Group (IRE), will in future be operating under the name of Instone Real Estate Development GmbH & Co. KG. GRK-Holding GmbH will become Instone Real Estate Leipzig GmbH. A new force in the German real estate market will thus be born beneath the Instone Real Estate brand umbrella because right from inception, the IRE Group is one of Germany’s leading residential developers. The Group’s current project volume amounts to some EUR 2.6 billion. This corresponds with over 60 projects and around 6,500 residential units in planning, under construction or secured.

The brand launch will be accompanied by a broad-based launch campaign. “Under the motto of ‘We can do more together’, we are focusing on the values of our new umbrella brand”, says Kruno Crepulja, CEO of Instone Real Estate Group B.V. “With our powerful new brand we are emphasizing the aspects of experience, trust and fairness.” The campaign will be seen in the leading German media, trade publications, and online. Parallel to this, the company’s entire visual identity will be aligned with Instone Real Estate.

The existing online presences of formart and GRK will be transformed into the new website This shared platform reveals the diversity of the Instone Real Estate Group as a whole: complex urban quarters are as much a part of its business as are multi-family dwellings and apartment buildings. Another key area are the refurbishment of existing buildings, and the revitalization and repurposing of industrial monuments into residential real estate. The Group’s portfolio is rounded off with comprehensive project services for owner-occupiers as well as private and institutional investors.

“Under our new name we are now providing the concentrated competence of formart and GRK in the areas of existing real estate and new-build from a single source. Our objective is to continue growing sustainably and to establish ourselves as Germany’s most successful residential developer.” says Kruno Crepulja. 

About Instone Real Estate (IRE)

Instone Real Estate is one of Germany’s biggest residential developers, created out of formart GmbH & Co. KG and GRK-Holding GmbH. The companies of the IRE Group annually plan, build and market over 1,000 residential units for owner-occupiers and for private and institutional investors, thus building more than one million square meters over 26 years. The new-build segment covers the construction of modern urban residential real estate, entire residential quarters, and apartment buildings. The portfolio also includes the drafting of construction legislation for complex lots. Another key business area is the refurbishment of existing buildings, and the revitalization and repurposing of industrial monuments into residential real estate. The company has a workforce of 270 employees at nine locations around Germany. Instone Real Estate is currently working on 60 projects, and has project volume of EUR 2.6 billion. 

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