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  • underground parking and above-ground parking spaces
  • elevator
  • cellar
  • over three-meter-high ceilings in the old building

A stylish spot in the sun.

A new spin on an old building.

Now you can take advantage of a truly unique opportunity. The Safranberg Ensemble is being created in one of the most attractive hillside locations in Ulm, reinterpreting the charm of a historical building, to produce living pleasure of a very special kind. In the building and the grounds of the former university hospital, we are developing condominiums ranging in size from 28 to 218 square meters, whose wide range of layouts are certain to meet the wishes of individualists. 

Attractive from every perspective.

The historical charm of the hospital’s imposing facade is superbly complemented by two modern annexes. The advantage for you is that the existing building is being refurbished in compliance with heritage protection legislation.

That means, when you buy a condominium in this beautifully refurbished building, you can claim a “Denkmal-AfA” tax rebate. You benefit from this special tax write-off both as an owner-occupier and as a landlord.

Your gut says “yes”; your head nods in agreement.

Site, location, architecture, tax benefits – they all point to a good decision over the long term. The university city of Ulm, situated in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions with excellent economic prospects, is the ideal place for making a long-term investment in quality of life and the future.

Baden-Württemberg and neighboring Bavaria are the two soundest and most prosperous federal states in Germany. The microlocation—on a hillside above Ulm yet centrally located—is a very special one. The historical building is unique and offers tax benefits. When, if not now? Where, if not here? How, if not under these interesting investment conditions?


Steinhövelstraße 9-11
89075 Ulm

Ulm – short name, long on attractions.

A sense of vacation every day.  The Safranberg Ensemble positions you perfectly

In the extensive grounds of the former university hospital you will find plenty of greenery and old trees. It’s a pleasant stroll to Ulm’s historical center, and the beautiful natural scenery all around you make it easy to unwind. The Friedrichsau park with its three lakes and green shorelines on the Danube is just 1.5 kilometers away.

One of Germany’s most popular vacation destinations—the Schwäbisch Alb—is right on your doorstep. A 20-minute drive will take you to Blaubeuren with its traditional half-timbered houses, museums, Benedictine monastery and, not least, the famous “Blautopf”—one of Germany’s most abundant karst springs. For relaxation and recreation, Lake Constance and the Alps are also in easy reach.

The people of Ulm have always enjoyed creating high points. The most famous example is the Ulm Minster which has the highest church tower in the world. Ulm is also famed as a university city. Both institutions have helped to create international flair and numerous cultural highlights including theater, ballet, opera—all featured at the Ulm Theater—the tiny “Westentasche” theater, the Walther Collection and various museums.

Festivals such as the Donaufest and concerts at the “Ulm Tent” bring famous stars to the city. There are many events and markets. One unique event is the “Schwörmontag” on which the mayor reports from the balcony of the “Schwörhaus” (where oaths were traditionally made) about what has happened in political terms over the past year, and swears that he will continue to humbly serve the city.

With this much quality of life, it’s no surprise that the city is in great economic shape and is enormously popular as a place in which to live.

Everything in sight, everything in reach.

Just two kilometers on foot or by bicycle and you’re in the heart of the city. Given the huge range of dining, cultural and shopping options that this 120,000-strong city has to offer, this is naturally very attractive.  

But you don’t have to go downtown if you only need to go for a quick shop or pick up something small. You’ll find stores, cafés, restaurants, various supermarkets, doctors and kindergartens all within a radius of one kilometer. 

Two elementary and two secondary schools are within a distance of two kilometers. Overall there is a very diverse range of educational amenities. All types of school, inclusive of Waldorf schools, night schools and special-needs schools are available in the city. The university is just six kilometers away, and you’ll find sport amenities as well as a tennis club and a golf club within a range of two kilometers.

Ulm’s main railway station is 2.8 kilometers away, providing excellent connections in every direction. And there’s something worth knowing for the future as well: from 2021 the new ICE route will shorten the travel time to Stuttgart Airport by around 24 minutes, and Stuttgart’s main railway station will then be only half-an-hour away. A genuine alternative is nearby Memmingen Airport which offers many different routes and has become an attractive hub. Ulm is a thriving economic and scientific center, centrally located between Stuttgart, Munich and Lake Constance.


A unique combination of history and modernity.

Old and new combined is an exciting mix. To ensure that it is also a successful one, we have developed a coherent overall concept for the buildings and the outdoor amenities. The inner courtyards between the buildings will be protected areas with no through traffic. Your car will be safely housed in one of the 116 underground or six above-ground parking spaces.

In  many rooms of the old building, the high ceilings give you a unique sense of space. The former chapel which is part of the building, is being preserved. It will be open to all residents and, with its distinctive atmosphere, would be ideal as a meeting place or common room.

The right space for your way of life.

It’s not only the space at the Safranberg Ensemble that’s exceptional. We want people of every age and situation in life to feel at home here. That is why you have a choice between 1 to 5-room apartments with a vast array of different layouts and ranging in size from 28 to 218 square meters. Some of them are designed in such a way as to make them perfect for a home share.

Being home to a university, Ulm is one of the few cities in Germany with an exceptionally high number of young residents. Their wishes are also fulfilled here. If you are thinking of acquiring residential real estate as a source of income, the Safranberg Ensemble is a superb proposition thanks to its thoughtful design and unique character.

Old and new combined is an exciting mix. To ensure that it is also a successful one, we have developed a coherent overall concept for the buildings and the outdoor amenities. The inner courtyards between the buildings will be protected areas with no through traffic. Your car will be safely housed in one of the 116 underground or six above-ground parking spaces.

The greenery of the surrounding area also extends to the spaces between the individual buildings. Interesting lines of sight are being created, and many apartments have a panoramic view of the city and the Ulm Minster.





All the best.

We want you to feel pleasure every day when living at the Safranberg Ensemble 

And that means not only during the first flush of happiness about your new home, but over many, many years. Our role model is the bespoke suit, or the handmade shoes – your home should also be one of those things that you come to love more dearly the more you use them.

Because when it comes to daily use, the quality of material and manufacture is an issue that becomes increasingly important, rather than fading away. To this end, we combine state-of-the-art design and implementation techniques with choice materials. For elements such as sanitary fixtures and fittings, we rely on high-end brand products.

Energy certificate

Energy performance certificate to follow shortly.

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