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Living in the capaital.

Berlin is booming: the diversity of the capital, its architecture and parks, its nightlife and its culture attract millions of people from all over the world every year.

But Berlin not only attracts many visitors. Almost four million people live in the twelve multifaceted districts of the world metropolis. From hip to green to historic charm: Berlin has many sides - and many good reasons to buy your own property.


approx. 892 sqkm


approx. 3,700,000

Population density

4,109 inhabitants per sqkm

Municiapal districts

97 districts


97 districts

Berlin: popular and growing

Germany's capital is one of the fastest growing residential areas in Europe. Almost 50,000 people move to Berlin every year: especially in areas that exude calm and at the same time are centrally located. The cosmopolitan charm and the multifaceted appearance of Berlin combine different living environments, so that an individual retreat can be found for everyone. So exactly the place to buy a property, for example an apartment, a condominium or a row house in Berlin.


Living in Berlin: Impressions from the city

Berlin: Center of the european start-up scene

Berlin is more than just the capital. Steady population growth, changing urban areas, but also the latest developments from the innovative start-up scene, create the economic framework for one of the most attractive investment and residential areas in Europe. It is precisely this economic pulse that allows the capital to continue growing and will also make it a desirable place to live in the future.


Berlin's districts at a glance:

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